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Print and Media Duplication

For many OEMs, the task of supporting equipment after it is shipped and installed can be daunting – particularly if they are suppliers in highly regulated industries. The tasks of printing documentation or producing media to distribute software, instructional videos or electronic documentation can be a distraction from a company’s core business activities; and the requirements to track, confirm and report customer/user receipt of the materials can be a time consuming disruption.


Outsourcing production, distribution and reporting tasks can be a cost effective solution that reduces internal staff or part-time assistance and typically improves performance and quality since the work is performed by full time workers who perform this type of work on a daily basis.


HM Product Solutions has a process management system that has been honed over the past decade to provide expert project execution for its clients. Our management methods combine production with tracking and delivery reports for notifications related to practices and methods, upgrades, industry regulatory mandates and many other communication types related to equipment or services in a seamless, high quality service.

print media duplication