Supply chains that incorporate product procurement functions are often quite long and require high attention to detail, to product availability and quality. These challenges are time consuming and can be hard to manage properly. Outsourcing these tasks allows a company to focus on key functions such as product development, marketing and other sales-driving responsibilities.

Procurement and supply chain management companies offer various product management services such as: warehouse space for storage and associated shipping and receiving tasks, inventory management, order packing, assembly, kitting, and packaging services.

HM Product Solutions is a third party procurement and supply chain management company that can handle all, or part of, your supply chain management needs. From part sourcing and procurement to assembly and packaging to product recall management, HM is well versed in local and global part sourcing.

A local Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contacted HM Product Solutions with an issue. The problem was that they kept running out of pump part assemblies to keep their manufacturing team working 8 hours a day/5 days a week. This small manufacturer was growing rapidly and had a difficult time keeping up with proper component inventory.

HM Product Solutions provided a resolution by securing a blanket order of 300 pump assemblies through the OEM’s approved vendor. HM assembled the necessary parts, per the customer’s specifications, and stored the excess in their warehouse space. At any given time, HM was required to have 50 of these pump assemblies available for same day shipping to this customer.

The product fulfillment services that HM offered this local company helped free up inventory, reduced expenses and kept their employees working  during scheduled production hours.

HM Product Solutions offers other complete product lifecycle support services:

HM Product Solutions also offers in-house machining capabilities to help support production of obsolete or low-volume parts that can no longer be practically produced by OEMs themselves.

When you need cost-effective procurement and supply chain management services with a high attention to detail, contact HM Product Solutions for their local, national and international product fulfillment services prowess.