Electronic and high technology assembly services is terminology used for a company that designs, tests, distributes, and provides return and repair services for high technology components and assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). OEMs utilize these high technology assembly services to free up internal resources and inventory. Overhead that is needed to keep an assembly team on staff is much higher than contracting these services to a third party.

An HM Product Solutions client contacted them in regard to building turnkey computer assembly systems for their office personnel. This client had office locations in various countries around the world. The logistics of getting the new computer systems alone was a monumental task without proper knowledge of accurate export documentation.

The most difficult challenge of this assembly was the hard drive that was specified by the customer. This high speed, large capacity hard drive was new technology that was difficult to procure because of high demand.

HM Product Solutions has a well-established supply chain and was able to procure a blanket order for the exact hard drive. This new blanket order covered the initial shipment of over 300 computer assemblies and was able to place extra in HM Product Solutions’ inventory for potential returns. HM Product Solutions also utilized their export documentation prowess to successfully deliver the computers to the hand of the employees that required them for their daily tasks.

The expertise that HM Product Solutions offers gives OEMs peace of mind with high technology assembly services, high quality control systems, lean manufacturing principals and resourcefulness in supply chain management. HM Product Solutions was able to keep the client’s inventory lean and their financial burden to a minimum with these complex electronic systems.

HM Product Solutions offers many 3rd party services such as:

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