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What is Product Fulfillment Services?

Product fulfillment services, when implemented as a part of supply chain management, includes the mapping of the way a supply chain will function as an integrated whole, with the aim of producing an optimal level of customer service while being as cost efficient as possible.

HM Product Solutions is a procurement and supply chain management company, a contract manufacturer and component assembly service provider who understands that product and service supply chains can be rather lengthy. Businesses utilize third party product fulfillment service companies such as HM Product Solutions who excel at the entire supply chain process.

The talented professionals at HM Product Solutions create and implement single source supply solutions that are industry specific. Moreover, they share best logistics practices across these industries, thus offering leading-edge complete product lifecyle support solutions. Their goods and services process management prowess allow customers to focus on what they shine at – product development and growing their business.

Companies take advantage of sourcing non-core service activities such as product decline, product growth, product introduction and product maturity to HM Product Solutions. HM Product Solutions has the ability to service a broad spectrum of commercial and public sector companies with supply chain management solutions such as:

  • High Technology OEMs
  • Industrial OEMs
  • Medical OEMs
  • Retail / Consumer Packaged Goods

HM supports lean manufacturing standards and is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certified.

HM is a company that is dependable, accurate, reliable, innovative and affordable – and, so much more! They simplify procurement and product fulfillment services for customers worldwide. HM offers knowledge of global supply chain regulatory compliance for exporting and importing of goods and services.

HM Product Solutions, Ltd. has continued to enjoy impressive annual growth spearheaded by quality services and products, long term client relations and talented staff. The focus is now on providing total supply chain solutions which encompass everything from material sourcing and manufacturing to storage, distribution and product lifecycle support services. Contact HM Product Solutions for your custom product fulfillment services quote today.