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Notifications and Tracking Services

For many OEMs, the task of supporting equipment after shipment and installation can be daunting – particularly if they are suppliers in highly regulated industries. The tasks of printing notifications and distributing them to a specified list of recipients is not inherent in a company’s core capabilities, and therefore better outsourced to an expert third party like HM Product Solutions.


In addition, the requirements to track, confirm and report customer/user receipt of the materials can be troublesome, time consuming and counter-productive when conducted by personnel who only perform the function on an occasional basis. The challenge can be compounded when companies serve highly regulated industries since the tracking task can be even more complex and may border on impossible for the unprepared or ill-trained.


For these reasons, outsourcing notification production, distribution and reporting tasks can be a cost effective solution that reduces internal staff or part-time assistance. And since the work is done by full-time workers who perform this type of work on a daily basis, performance and quality are greatly improved.


HM Product Solutions has a process management system that has been honed over the past decade to provide expert project execution for clients. Our management methods combine production with tracking and delivery reports for notifications related to practices and methods, upgrades, industry regulatory mandates and many other communications related to equipment or services in a seamless, high quality initiative.


Indeed, our process is well documented

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