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Kitting, Assembly and Packaging Services

HM Product Solutions is a premier custom kitting, assembly and packaging services company for equipment documentation packages, software and replacement part field upgrades as well as warranty recall kits. We also handle general subcontract assembly and packaging services that include every possible aspect of kitting services including part and manual packaging, multiple component package labeling, software media production, assembly services and sub-assembly, addressing, delivery and tracking documentation.


Kitting, assembly and packaging services feature global fulfillment, for the following markets:


An understanding of different countries’ intricate regulatory protocols is paramount to success. With this keen knowledge and experience, HM is in a position to drive out unnecessary expense, reduce product movement and provide minimal parts handling.  From point of origin to point of consumption, we offer the flexibility and management expertise required to track, deliver, confirm and certify or validate product and documentation delivery.


Utilizing our proprietary supply management software program, we are equipped to rapidly respond to customer requests & requirements for their assembly and packaging services, as well as industry regulations and stipulations. We can establish, organize and manage a supply chain for cost-savings purposes, provide Just-in-Time (JIT) products with our global network of suppliers to increase your efficiency and remove bottlenecks that invariably happen in many processes.


Every day, HM Product Solutions delivers confidence in supply chains worldwide.

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