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ITAD Services | IT Asset Disposition

Many businesses have a heavy replacement cycle for their IT equipment. Enterprises with old or worn out equipment are regularly faced with the options of refurbishing, reselling, recycling or disposing of business equipment.


IT Asset Disposition, or ITAD Services, is a service intended to dispose of obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner.


HM Product Solutions specializes in the process of streamlining disposition of IT assets, while minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses.


ITAD includes a number of different considerations  related to asset disposition:

  • Data security requires that any storage device be securely and completely wiped
  • Knowledge about proper disposal of ecologically-sensitive components is not common
  • Disposal of ecologically-sensitive materials be properly done to avoid any fines
  • Charitable donations can be a socially responsible approach to ITAD that avoids unnecessary disposal fees
  • Businesses may be able to recoup some portion of environmental disposal fees through judicious recycling practices


Partnering with a company like HM Product Solutions that is a regular practitioner of ITAD Service activities is an excellent way of keeping internal IT personnel focused on company critical operations and performance. It also brings a practical and cost effective solution to meeting environmental sustainability responsibilities.

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